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Gotham Season 3 Review

Batman is easily my favorite comic book character so I am pretty picky when it comes to a live action adaptation. I tend to find myself terribly disappointed after I watch a Batman film because they always have the character stray from his core values. I had heard about Gotham a lot but was hesitant to start it because I knew that as a huge fan of this character, I would have to finish it regardless of whether or not it was any good.

I finally caved and decided that I would watch a few and if I didn’t like it I would force myself to stop. 3 weeks later, I was caught up and eagerly awaiting the show to pick up after the midseason break. As I am super particular about things, it’s rare that I genuinely enjoy something. I tend to be mostly indifferent or vehemently against things. But to my immense surprise, I really enjoyed it. This show gives me everything I want from a Batman adaptation, a perfect Bruce Wayne and some amazing villains. This show has just the right amount of violence for a believable Gotham and the sets are incredible. I tend to be quite skeptical about child actors but I think that David Mazouz perfectly captures this glimpse into the life of young Batman. I cannot praise this show highly enough.

I absolutely love Bruce, but I can’t help but love the villains as well. From the Joker to Tigress this show has everything. When you have such a wide array of characters, it’s hard not to like at least some of the characters. Season 3 really delves into the

established characters to really find out what motivates them, what makes them tick. I’m pretty consistent with my favorite characters, once I’ve chosen them there is very little they can do to change that. So as with the previous two seasons, I of course loved little Bruce Wayne, Jim who is just a genuinely good person, Ed Nygma or the Riddler as he likes to call himself, the Penguin, as well as almost everyone else in Gotham. But I will say, this season really shone a light on some characters that I didn’t really have an opinion on before. I would say the biggest example is probably Tabitha Galavan. You see her a fair amount with her brother in season 2 and it didn’t really do it for me. I mean she was cool and all but whatever. This season, they showed her in a different way that was pretty interesting to watch. I found her interactions with Butch and Barbara to be very entertaining. I am definitely a fan of the direction they’ve taken with this character. I also found myself liking Selina more and more as well. It is really cool to see younger versions of these characters, it opens up a whole bunch of opportunities for them in upcoming seasons.

Before I talk spoilers, I want to say that I would highly recommend this show. I really enjoy this show and it is genuinely much better than I had expected.

If you haven’t seen all of season one through three I would recommend stopping here.
I watched the finale earlier today and my mind is still buzzing with thoughts. I’m going to talk about things that I liked first. I absolutely adored the relationship between Ed and Oswald. It was something that as I binged through the first half of this season, I couldn’t help but wait expectantly for their scenes. They moved closer and closer to a relationship until Isabella stepped in and everything came to a jarring halt. I was devastated. And what was even worse is that when Ed met her, he was buying wine for his and Oswald’s dinner. I honestly found it kind of funny when Penguin cut Isabella’s brake lines but I totally knew it wasn’t going to positively influence his relationship with Ed. As Riddler got closer and closer to realizing the truth, I was terrified. And when he did find out I thought that they couldn’t possibly get passed this. But I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore. I feel that since watching the last two episodes of the season, they are pretty much even. Ed shot Oswald and dumped him in the river and Oswald encased him in ice. I mean they’re not the most sane people even if they both received certificates from Arkham. I’m fairly certain they can get passed this. I found the whole Court of Owls plot to be kind of dumb but there were enough other things going on that I was able to ignore it. Somehow, I’ve managed to get this far without talking about the main character. I thought that after two seasons of nice boy Jim it would have gotten tired but I still really enjoy his character. All of his inner conflict is very entertaining to watch. The whole Lee situation very upsetting but I’m going to talk a bit more about that in a moment. Selina is a character who I care very much for but after watching scenes with her, I’m left feeling very conflicted. I don’t much care for a lot of the stuff she’s involved in but I really like her. I’m really excited to see her training with Tabby next season because that’s the sort of plot that tends to work best with this adaptation of the character. And I need to talk about all of the Tabitha stuff this season. I didn’t care much about her brother so I’m not going to talk about him coming back as Azrael or whatever. The relationship between her and Barbara and Butch, which I mentioned earlier, was so good. It was really exciting to see them run a portion of Gotham’s underworld. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m not much of a fan of the outcome of this season. I honestly just want them to all make up and rule Gotham. A lot of people seem to think that Barbara is going to come back as Harley, which I totally get electrocution was a big part of the character’s comic backstory, but I don’t know if I want it to happen. At least one person in this city needs to stay dead. I also just want to talk about how perfect that closing scene was. That is exactly what I wanted from this show, a Batman who follows his rules. I like the character because of the standards he sets for himself as the Bat of Gotham. I was so tired to seeing this character repeatedly butchered. I can also really appreciate how Alfred has shaped him, their relationship is amazing. I cannot express how pleased I am with this version of the character.

Now onto the things I’m not super in love with. I absolutely hated the Mad Hatter. I became tired of all his rhyming very quickly. I just found his character very unenjoyable. I found Barnes to be quite annoying as well, even more so after he was infected by the virus. Now this isn’t that important but I got very sick of that crème turtleneck that Bruce wore for like 6 episodes. Like Bruce I get that you’ve been brainwashed but change your shirt please. Now onto the thing that irritated my most this season: Lee and Mario’s relationship. I really like Jim and Lee together and it pained me to see her with some other guy. It was even worse when we got to know him. Even when he died Lee just whined and complained about how he was dead. Like get over yourself, he was literally about to stab you. I don’t know I just found that really annoying.

So I would say that I really, really enjoyed this season and I am eagerly awaiting the next one.

Rating: 4/5 stars