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Riverdale Season 1 Review

The Archie Comics are never really something that interested me. I never saw the appeal of reading a high school teen drama comic. So before watching the show, I didn’t have any knowledge on these iconic characters. Since watching the first episode, I am absolutely in love with them. Per usual I’m going to start spoiler free and then clearly mark when I’m going to start on spoilers. So this show takes place in the small town of Riverdale and is centered around the murder of Jason Blossom, the son of one of the most powerful men that live there. I feel this show does lean heavily on the characters so I’m going to talk about the core four individually.

I’ll start with Archie. Archie Andrews is the main character in the comics and he is notoriously indecisive. He spends most of the comics flip flopping between Betty and Veronica. Luckily, the show has added in more character traits and depth to the character. Though I will say that Archie’s biggest problem is that he is to good at everything and has to many options. Honestly this makes him come across as a lovable idiot.

Next we have Betty Cooper, girl next door with a bit of a dark side. Its hard to really compare the female comic book characters to their television counterpart as they are very different. In the digest, both Betty and Veronica, who I will talk about later, spent a large portion of the time being petty and fighting over Archie. In the show they have gone for something that I like much better, they are best friends. Alongside Jughead, Betty strives to find out the truth about the murder of Jason Blossom. She wants everyone to know the full story and not the bits and pieces that they’ve been left with.

Yes Jughead may be a weird nickname, but he’s an amazing character. He acts as the show’s narrator and has frequent voiceovers through out the show. I love the way they use excerpts from the novel he’s writing to set the tone for each episode, it really makes for good story telling. In the comics he’s know for loving burgers and being totally uninterested in girls but I do quite enjoy this adaptation of the character.

Veronica Lodge is the new girl in town. In the comics, Ronnie is mainly just a love interest for Archie but in this adaptation, she is an amazing and well developed character. She adds the perfect aspect to our main group of teens. Her and her mother’s appearance in the small town immediately sends ripples through out the lives of all the other inhabitants. Kevin even asks Jughead if he remembers a time before she got there. She challenges people who would normally get away with whatever they wanted and she is loved for it.

I would honestly really recommend this show. CW shows are really hit or miss but this is definitely one to give a try. I found myself quickly falling in love with these characters and eagerly awaiting the upcoming episode. There are definitely things that I wasn’t the biggest fan of out the good by far outweigh he bad.

I’m going to talk spoilers from here on so I would stop reading now if you have not seen all 13 episodes.

I’m going to work my way up to the big question: Who killed Jason Blossom? I really enjoyed how the mystery was built up over the 13 episodes, it is the perfect amount of time for a build up. They introduced several good suspect that I found myself scrutinizing heavily by the time we found out who killed Jason. My main problem with this show over all is that I found it very predictable but I feel that’s something that should be expected of a CW show. Even though I kind of guessed that he was killed by his father, I was still super surprised when I saw the footage. I’m really curious to see how they are going to continue into the second season. I don’t think that they’ll pull a How to Get Away With Murder and kill someone off each season. W will most likely see the ramifications of Cliff Blossoms suicide and find out more about the massive stash of drugs that the police found in his possession. Another think that I’m really curious about is finding out more about Betty’s brother, I was completely caught off guard when it was revealed by her mother. I want to also add that I really enjoyed Alice Cooper’s story arc, she had a lot more depth than I was expecting from her. It will be interesting to see how Alice and her mystery son’s story merges with  everything else happening in Riverdale. Also, I’m really unsure of how Veronica and Archie’s relationship is going to move forward as Hiram totally got Fred shot. I’m sure that’ll lead to a rough patch in their new relationship. But I will say I am routing for them as well as Betty and Jughead who’s little detective adventures I really enjoyed. But I will say that one of my favorite scenes was the scene when the group goes down to Sweetwater River to save Cheryl, who I definitely want to see more of in season 2. It was a moment of chaotic intensity that really appreciated in a show that I wouldn’t describe as being serious.

I wanted to talk briefly about things that I didn’t enjoy. I mentioned earlier that I found it to be a bit predictable at times but I wouldn’t say that bothered me too much. Polly’s character didn’t really work for me but I feel that was mostly due to her mediocre acting. I didn’t really get the mayor’s motive and I’d like to get to know her a little better in upcoming seasons. Now I have to say that what I found most disappointing was that Sabrina the Teenage Witch didn’t appear in the finale which the cast has ben teasing since Comic Con. Apparently they changed the ending last minute so I’m sure that pushed her reveal into the next season. A lot of people think that she is either going to be Jughead’s new neighbor on the Southside or the foster family that he’s going to be staying with while his father’s in prison. I’m just really looking forward to it.

I really, really enjoyed this show and immensely looked forward to watching it each week. I absolutely can not wait to see what they do with the show in its second season.

Rating: 4/5 stars